FRONT bucket elevator conveyor belt patent series -- Part 4

Type: Company News 759

Patent No.: 20192023326.3

Product advantages:

1. Compared with common steel cord core elevator belt, the new type with dense copper-plated steel cord core can increase the tear strength at least 50%, prolong the service life of the belt, and improve the production efficiency.

2. Because the diameter of the steel cord is reduced and the upper and bottom covers are thinned, the weight per unit area and running resistance of the conveyor belt is reduced, which make the energy saving and efficiency increase realized.

3. The position of the bolt hole of the hopper is reserved in the densely steel cord to avoid the damage to steel cord during drilling, thus affecting the overall strength of the conveyor belt.

4. The transverse rigidity is improved, the stability is good, the hopper is firm and tear resistant. the longitudinal flexibility is good.