Reason And Solution Of Chevron Conveyor Belt Slippage

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What we share with you today is the reason and solution for chevron conveyor belt slippage.

Question 1

Slip reason: The initial tension is too small, caused the tension at the place where the conveyor belt leaves the roller is not enough.

Solution: Adjust the tension device and increase the initial tension before working.

Question 2

Slip reason: Humid environment, or there's water on the belt, caused the friction between the driving roller and  belt is not enough.

Solution: Add rosin powder to the roller. Be careful not to add by hand, but to use the blower to blow in to avoid accidents.

Question 3

Slip reason: As result of too much dust, the tail roller bearing is damage and non rotation.

Solution: Repairing and replacing the damaged or inflexible parts in time to reduce the slip caused by the increase of resistance.

Question 4

Slip reason: The starting speed is too fast.

Solution: At this time, it can be started slowly, which will overcome the slip effectively.

Question 5

Slip reason: The load of belt is too large and exceeds the motor capacity. At this time, the favorable side of the slip is it prevents motor burning out after a long time bearing weight. But for operation, it's an accident.

Solution: Check the load of belt and adjust it to the normal value range.

To prevent sliping, it should pay more attention and take care of belt at ordinary times, and stop it in time before problem.