Seamless molded belt without joints with excellent stability in size.

The covering rubber is prepared from high strength, good elasticity, resistance to shock, as well as resistance to wear and tear, forming a circular type conveyor rubber belt.

Belt   Type Material of   Belt CorePlyWidthTotal Thickness
Endless Conveyor BeltNN,   EP …2-6300-2000≤25mm

Based on different rubber cover,the multi-ply conveyor belt can be clarified as follows : Normal Standard,Heat-resistant,Flame-resistant,Abrasion-resistant,Normal fire-resistant,Static-transmission,Acid-alkali resistant,Oil-resistant and Food type.

The product is suitable for using in mini-medium belt conveyor. It doesn t need to connect the tape on the spot, just put the belt into roller, and the conveyor belt runs, saving time.

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