Chevron conveyor belt is composed of belt carcass and chevron shape and height may be different because of different conveyed material and griant of conveyor.
1. Shape and characteristics On surface of the belt there is chevron pattern higher than the belt body. The chevron may be either open-end or closed. Each kind of pattern includes three types of high, medium and low. 
2. It can convey powdered, granulated and small lump materials at the gradient of no more than400.It can also convey packaged materials 
Chevron shape, cleat shape, U shape, herringbone shape, cylinder pattern 
Width of belt: 300mm-2200mm 
Height of Pattern:5,10,15,20,25,30(mm)

Pattern pitch:125,200,250,330,400,500(mm)

Note: Pattern can be designed according to the user’s requirement

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