FRONT bucket elevator conveyor belt patent series -- Part 6

Type: Company News 704

Patent No: 202020193222.0

Advantages of patented products:

1, The fixture auxiliary device improves the upper structure of the special fixture. The inner splint and two outer splints are used to replace the original outer cover. The end of the rubber belt does not need to be glued again, which can reduce the construction time and installation cost.

2, Avoid colloid penetration into the lower fixture, resulting in special fixture maintenance, repair and other disassembly trouble, to achieve recycling.

3, The middle part of the fixture is provided with a clamping structure. Through the clamping structure matching with the fixed bolts and nuts, the end of the rubber belt can be squeezed and clamped sufficiently between the inner and outer splints. In combination with the anti-skid surface and plane provided in the clamping structure, the problem of cracking and damage at the upper end due to external force is solved.


Rubber lifting belt is a common equipment for continuous transportation of modern large-scale materials. It has the advantages of large conveying capacity, stable operation and good adaptability to block materials. Therefore, it is widely used in vertical or large angle material conveying and lifting places such as building materials, mines, ports, etc.