Corrugated sidewall conveyor belting is composed of three parts including base band, retaining band and diaphragm. The guard edge is used to prevent material from slipping and falling. For the convenience of bypassing the drum, the edge of the file is designed to be corrugated. The role of diaphragm is to support the material, in order to achieve large Angle conveying, using T TC type. The baffle and diaphragm are connected to the base band by a secondary vulcanization method with high bonding strength.

Depending on customers’ request, our sidewalls and cleats can be reinforced with diagonal fabric and bolted together. We normally use XE-layer reinforcement; However metal breaker with cross rigid character can also be applied in various specifications. We offer a?large portfolio of possible combinations of cleats and sidewalls in height up to 500mm.


This belting can be used for conveying bulk materials with a dip Angle of 0° ~ 90°. It solves the conveying Angle that the pattern belting and ordinary flat belting cannot reach, increases the lifting height, and has the advantages of shortening the transportation distance of the conveyor, reducing the cost and saving manpower and material resources.

Waveform sidewall rubber conveyor belting can now cover all industries, whether mining, chemical, building materials, metallurgy, steel and other industries have its figure. Its existence can be said to provide convenience for transportation, to solve a series of problems such as high cost of large , easy to spread materials, can not be completely vertical transportation. sidewall rubber conveyor belting can be completely realized, and a conveyor belting can realize multiple Angle conversion. Like 30 degrees on the bottom, 90 degrees on the top.


Corrugated sidewall conveyor beltings has the following advantages:

Save space, it does not need to occupy too much place is not very big , but occupies less area, because it is the Angle of transport.

Do not occupy too much capital, small investment, less cost, the production of high economic benefits!

Easy installation, simple maintenance, made into a ring is very convenient to install, go back directly with the crane can be lifted!

Usually only regular inspection and maintenance, timely repair of falling guard and partition.

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