Congratulation !! Front won the bidding of three categories of rubber products

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China National Gold Group Corporation,the largest gold enterprise in China's gold industry(hereinafter referred to as "china gold" ),hold  bidding  meeting recently to invite bidding in engineering rubber products required purchase through e-commerce.

As the goods purchased in this bidding are the engineering rubber products for whole year, the technical requirements are quite strict.


  First:The tenderer must ensure that the whole set of products provided are brand-new and qualified products. they’re required advanced technology, mature and reliable, and environmental protection. no defects in design, materials and technology, and are suitable for and meet the local environment, technology and working conditions of the tenderee. Material consumption meets requirements; service life reaches design cycle or expected life。


  Second:The bidder must ensure that the design, manufacturing, testing, transportation and quality of the whole set of products are in accordance with (or higher than) the relevant national standards.


  our company won the bidding of total 3categories by relying on  Specialty, technicality and product superiority and reliability in the rubber field.


  The winning of the bid was affirmed by experts and judges in the industry, and also demonstrated the strength of our company in the field of engineering rubber.