Common Fault Causes And Solutions Of Sidewall Conveyor Belt

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There are some problems of corrugated sidewall conveyor belt in the application. If it can't be judged and solved in time, there's probably a serious bad impact on production.

Here are some problems and solutions.

Fault 1: the motor of conveying equipment is heated seriously.

Fault reason: It probably is caused by belt jamming or overload operation, which increases the resistance of the equipment greatly. In this case, the motor will generate serious heat due to the failure of heat dissipation capacity.

Solution: in case of such a situation, it is necessary to find out the cause in time, solve the problems of tape jamming and overload operation, and dissipate the heat in time.

Fault 2: the reducer is heated seriously.

Fault cause: It may be caused by too much or too little oil in the reducer; it may also be caused by the failure of lubricating capacity, resulting in friction heat generation and overheating of the reducer.

Solution: this situation needs to be solved according to the amount of oil, and lubricating oil must be added in time.

Fault 3: large angle conveyor belt deviates

Fault cause: this kind of situation is generally because the running speed of both sides of the belt is not the same, resulting in the speed of one side is too fast, resulting in deviation.

Solution: find out the location where the deviation occurs in time, find out the problem location, and solve the wear of the belt, so as to prevent the deviation.

Fault 4: belt broken;

Fault cause: this situation is generally caused by a long time working, the poor stress resistance or bad connection, and the belt is not repaired in time after slight damage.

Solution: high quality belt should be purchased, the operation of the belt should be checked frequently, the damaged condition should be repaired in time, and the interface of the belt should be observed to prevent fracture.